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Toy Garage / Parking Lot


role play-cuddlycoo

Role Play!

Children improve their social skills and imbibe better to roles and responsibilities through pretend play! Let them drive down the town!

nut bolt screw free-cuddlycoo

Easy to set up

Interlocking mechanism enables easy set up!

fun imagination-cuddlycoo


Let their creativity and imagination run loose. How would they want to set rules today?!

Strong and Sturdy toy-cuddlycoo

Beautifully finished

Beautiful birch wood ply!

story telling-cuddlycoo

Pretend Play

Let them pretend to be out in the world driving and finding their way!

toy garage set-cuddlycoo


  • The toy garage can accommodate  20 cars with each parking space of 70mmx40mm

  • Requires self assembly.

  • Contains small parts. Suitable for children above 3 years of age.

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