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1.    How do I ensure that the legs are assembled correctly?

Each Leg has 3 parts. The part with a hole on one end is the top end. the part with 2 screw heads is the middle part and the remaining part is the bottom part. Screw each into the other and the leg will be strong.

2.     How do I ensure that the tent is stretched properly to form a square?

Once the string is inserted into the holes as in part - 3 spread the bottom part of the tent. It should form a square. Now secure the string tightly.

3. Is there a risk of suffocation in the TeePee?

The TeePee has an open window which wil ensure that there is adequate airflow through the tent.

4. Can I use the TeePee for my littleone to sleep at night?

No. The TeePee is Solely designed for play. It is not advised to use it as an alternate to bed.

5. Can I use the TeePee for Camping?

No. The TeePee is designed for playing Indoors. It isn’t water proof or weather resistant which is essential for camping




  • CuddlyCoo TeePee can be used for children between the age group of 1-10 years

  • You can place a mat on the floor for added comfort.

  • Ensure that the legs are properly assembled and the each pices is tightly screwed into the other

  • Ensure that the string is properly looped into the holes on top ans securely fastened. It is this string that hold the legs together.