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1.    My baby’s head is positioned lower than her buttocks when placed in the hammock. What is the right position?

Ensure that the baby’s head is placed on the head side of the hammock (covered side) and not on the center of the hammock

2. The stand seems to be shaky. Is it safe?

Ensure that all the screws are tight. this will ensure stability.
Always be careful to align the sides according to the numbers mentioned on the supports.

3.    I’m afraid the hammock cloth is too long for my little one.

Your baby must be placed on her back at the covered side (the head side) of the hammock at all times. Let the rest of the cloth hang loose at the leg end. It is intended for use from birth till the baby is 12 kg, hence it is made to suit a growing baby as well.



  • Assemble the Hammock Stand as per the instructions provided.

  • Be sure to tighten all screws in the stand so as to avoid any shake

  • CuddlyCoo Baby Hammock is recommended for use until the baby starts turning over on her belly.

  • Regularly inspect the hammock and stand for wear and tear. Do not use the hammock if any part is missing or broken.

  • Place your baby on her back in the center, towards the head side of the hammock

  • Do not leave anything in the  hammock that could cause risk for suffocation or choking.

  • Never leave the baby unattended in the hammock.

  • CuddlyCoo does not provide a mattress as it could be a possible hazard for the baby in case she rolls over.