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1.    My child looks too small for the swing ; she seems to float in it.What do i do?

The backrest of the swing can be adjusted acording to the child. For younger children please gather the back rest downwards till confortable and for older kids pull it further up. However we would reccomend that children above 3 years may only be put in the swing, since the child should be able to climb in and out of the swing at will - without help.

2.    The swing is not evenly aligned on all sides. How do I align?

Ensure that the knots are tied at the same level, then the swing would be aligned.

3.    Will the S Hook  come out?

The S Hook is specially designed so that it can be hung on almost any kind of ceiling hook and not come out when swinging. The ropes will never pop-out whenever it is in use as it is pulled down by the weight of your baby.

4.What is the wash care instruction for the swing?

You can wash the swing either by hand or in a  washing machine.


  • CuddlyCoo Hammock Swing must be used for children above 3 years only.

  • Always support your baby well with cushions etc. until your baby grows into the swing.

  • Please remember a child must always be swung gently.

  • Ensure that the Hammock swing is correctly assembled. Regularly check the ropes and hooks are securely fastened.

  • Always ensure the ropes are tied evenly at the ends so that the swing is in level.

  • Regularly inspect your swing for wear and tear.

  • Care must be taken to keep a safe distance from someone while swinging to avoid being hit.