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1.     I am not sure if the knot I tie on the swing rope is tight enough and will hold on.

The rope that is provided is non slippery. Making a simple overhand knot that holds it in place will serve the purpose.

2.    The swing is not evenly aligned on all sides

Ensure that you have left only the same length of rope after the knot on all four sides. If the knots are tied at the same level the swing would be aligned.

3.    I am worried the S Hook might come out.

The larger S Hook is specially designed so that it can be hung on almost any kind of ceiling hook and not come out when swinging. The smaller S hooks used to hang the swing ropes is also safe and the ropes will never pop-out whenever it is in use as it is pulled down by the weight of your baby.


  • CuddlyCoo Board Swing can be used once the child can sit upright without any support. We recommend children of age 3.5 years and up

  • Please remember a child must always be swung gently.

  • Ensure that the swing is correctly assembled. Regularly check the ropes and hooks are securely fastened.

  • Always ensure the ropes are tied evenly at the ends so that the swing is in level.

  • Regularly inspect your swing for wear and tear.

  • Care must be taken to keep a safe distance from someone swinging to avoid hitting