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1.    My baby seems too small for the swing. What is the right age to use it?

You can start using the swing the moment your child is sitting up and is able to hold on to things (in this case the swing handle). If the swing appears too big, you can support the baby using a cushion or towel.

2.     Is the knot I tie with the swing rope tight enough to hold my baby safely?

The rope that is provided is non slippery. Making a simple overhand knot that holds it in place will serve the purpose.

3.    The swing is not evenly aligned on all sides, How do I align it?

Ensure that you have left only the same length of rope after the knot on all four sides. If the knots are tied at the same level the swing would be aligned.

4.    The wooden separator seems to be up on one side and lower on the other.

You need to remove and ensure that the wooden separator is placed similarly on both sides. Both the wooden separators on the sides must be below the wooden separators on the front and back.

5.    I am worried the S Hook might come out.

All the S hooks are specifically designed and chosen to serve the purpose and are safe.


  • CuddlyCoo Swing can be used once the baby can sit upright with or without  support or when his/her neck is strong enough. The recommended age group is 8 months to 2.5 years.

  • Always support your baby well with cushions etc. until your baby grows into the swing.

  • Please remember a baby must always be swung gently.

  • Ensure that the swing is correctly assembled. Regularly check the ropes and hooks are securely fastened.

  • Always ensure the ropes are tied evenly at the ends so that the swing is in level.

  • Ensure the front and back wooden separators are on top of the sides ones for comfortable posture.

  • Regularly inspect your swing for wear and tear.

  • Care must be taken to keep a safe distance from someone swinging to avoid hitting