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CuddlyCoo Children's TeePee Tent


CuddlyCoo TeePee Tent is your baby’s

fun-filled nook, an activity corner or a cozy reading space.


Engage your little one in hours of tech-free entertainment.

See them love pretend plays,


Crawl into their little tent, invoke the child in you and see them laugh and giggle.


Create lasting memories with your baby with CuddlyCoo TeePee Tents!

Why Buy a CuddlyCoo Children's TeePee Tent

Beautiful, Strong Pinewood Dowels 

The Tent uses beautifully finished pinewood which is durable and strong unlike their plastic counter parts which are flimsy and easily breakable 

Attractive Cotton Canvas Material

The swing is made of Cotton Canvas which is airy and light. It is available in 4 attractive colors and patterns namely : Blue Stars,  Grey Polka, White Snowflakes and Mustard Sun

Airy and Playful

The tent has a door and window which makes it airy and ideal for pretend play.

Unique Screwing Mechanism

The tent uses a unique screwing mechanism for its dowels which holds it tightly in place

Compact and Light

It is compact and light weight. You can pack it up and take it along wherever you go.

Easy to Assemble and Dismantle

No more screws and bolts!! Just hang the various components and you are good to go!!

No Plastic Components Used!!

A Made in India Product

Comes as a complete set

Recommended for children between 1-10 years only

The product requires self assembly