Baby Hammock


Womb Like Effetc-CuddlyCoo

Womb Like Effect

The Hammock cradles the baby like the mother's womb helping the baby to settle faster to the new environment and develop good sleeping patterns

Covered Head-CuddlyCoo

Protected/Covered Head Side

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Patented Wooden Hanger -CuddlyCoo

Patented Hammock Hanger Design

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Gentle Bounce-CuddlyCoo

Custom-made Spring

Custom-made spring gives a smooth gentle bounce putting the baby to sleep naturally.

No Mosquitoes.png

No More Insect Attacks!!

The mosquito net effectively protects the baby against Insect attacks

Relieves Colic-CuddlyCoo

Relieves Colic and Restlessness

The new environment may cause babies to be restless and colicky resulting in constant crying. The to and fro motion and the smooth up and down motion of the hammock will soothe the baby and help her calm.

Bye Bye Flat Heads-CuddlyCoo

Bye-Bye Flat Heads

Some babies are prone to developing flat heads after constantly lying on flat beds. This happens due to the pressure applied on the lower side of the head. Our Hammock ensures uniform pressure on all sides helping to form nice rounded head

Soft Breathable Organic Cotton-CuddlyCoo

Safe, Breathable Organic Cotton in Grey/Beige

New Born Babies are very sensitive. Our Hammock uses 100% organic cotton which is soft on the baby's skin. It is breathable making the hammock airy and safe

Safety Belt-CuddlyCoo

Safety Belt for Controlled Bounce

The Safety Belt enables you to adjust and decide the amount and extend of bounce.

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  • Recommended for 0 to 6 months babies only

  • The product requires self assembly

  • Ceiling Hook is mandatory

  • A Baby mattress is neither provided nor recommended with the hammock to avoid the risk of suffocation